Missed voting in this General Election? You live in Bangalore and want to vote from current address in Bangalore.

But your voter id address is still set to your hometown or to an older address?

This guide is for you. This whole process should take 10 minutes.

1. EPIC (Voter ID)

EPIC is your voter ID number. Click Next if you already have it with you, or if you've never registered to vote in India.

It will be on your existing Voter ID card. If you can't find your Voter ID, open electoralsearch.eci.gov.in.

Enter the following info on that site:

  • State where your last Voter ID was issued.
  • Your first name
  • Your relative's first name (Mostly your father)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your gender
  • Captcha

And hit Search.

Found your EPIC number? Awesome, copy it somewhere and click Next.

Stuck? Reach out for help on Telegram or WhatsApp.
2. Address

Let's find your voting district, post office, and your assembly constituency.

Stuck? Reach out for help on Telegram or WhatsApp.
3. Address Proof

Best to get this ready before you apply. You can use any of:

  • Rental Agreement
  • Driver's License
  • Passport
  • Aadhaar
  • Post received from Post Office

Don't have any of these? You can fill this form to get a postcard as an address proof.

Your address proof must be less than 2 MB. If your file is too big, you can this tool to compress your PDF.

Stuck? Reach out for help on Telegram or WhatsApp.
4. Fill your Form 6/8

The ECI website is best used on desktop.

1. Sign up for an account at voters.eci.gov.in. If you had an account at nvsp.in earlier, the same one is valid here.

2. Go here, and submit Form 8 (or Form 6 if you've never had a voter ID) using the credentials you signed up with.

Keep these details handy for the form:

Once you've filled the form, you will get a form reference id. Keep this safe, so you can follow the form's progress. You can use your ward details to find your Booth Level Officer and follow up on the progress.

Stuck? Reach out for help on Telegram or WhatsApp.

All set? Well, let's hope your application gets approved and you get to vote in Bangalore in 2024!

Meanwhile, do share it with your friends and family! Here's a template for you to use.

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