I don’t have a rental agreement. Help?

You can fill this form to get a postcard as an address proof.

Why is there a deadline of 9th December?

Election Commission has published the Karnataka Draft Electoral Rolls for the 2024 General Elections on October 27th. The final rolls are expected to be published around early January.

So any submissions made today will have less than 3 weeks to be processed. For Forms submitted beyond 9th, the chances for the submission to be processed in time for the 2024 General Elections are much lower.

Some links are broken?

Yes, we wanted to launch early.

How can I help?

Share this with your friends and family. Get them to register to vote. Reach out if they face any issues.

The map says my address is not in Bangalore

The map only tracks BBMP constituencies, so a few Bengaluru Rural/Urban constituencies that aren’t under BBMP are not covered. You can still use the form to register to vote, and check your address against https://kgis.ksrsac.in/pollinginfo/ for now.

I don’t have a pre existing voter Id, help?

Fill Form 6 with the same details instead of Form 8. Make sure you were born before 1st January 2006, or you will be too young to vote this time.

Bangalore isn’t a tehsil/taluka Yes, but the boundaries for Bangalore’s various talukas are unclear, and it is okay to just submit Bangalore. If you have any suggestions on how to get a taluka from an address, please let us know.